Leica LINO ML90 | Multi Line Laser Level
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                Right Angle Multi Lane Laser Level 

                The Leica Lino ML90 has two vertical and one horizontal laser line as well as a plumb beam. It can be quickly and easily set-up and aligned manually and has a fine adjustment range of ± 4°. Its primary function is setting out right angles.

                Smart Targeting


                • Leica LINO ML90 Multi Line Laser Level
                • Large Red Target Plate
                • Red Laser Glasses
                • Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
                • International Charging Plug with 4 Plugs
                • Battery Holder for Alkaline Batteries

                Precise Layouts at Long Distances

                The electronic self-leveling automatically compensates for the tool being slightly out of level. 

                Battery Life

                The Leica Lino ML90 can be used with a rechargeable battery pack or alkaline batteries. This provides maximum flexibility and ensures that the Leica Lino ML90 is always ready for use. The tool can also be used while being charged.

                Receiver Compatible

                The ML90 is compatible with the RVL100 receiver (sold separately). Unlike the ML180, the ML90 cannot be adjusted remotely.

                Features and Functions

                90° Cross Line Laser: Engage both the vertical and horizontal beams to project a perfect 90° intersection in front of the device. Ideal for laying tile on walls or floors, for laying out grids for a drop ceiling, or any other task that requires a 90° reference.

                Laser Receiver Compatible: Using an RVL 100 laser receiver with your line laser doubles your range. The RVL 100 works on the same basic principle as the receivers that work with rotating lasers intended for outdoor use.

                AND MORE! Level Horizontal Line, Self Leveling, Set Out Right Angles and Rechargeable Battery (NiMH)


                • Operating Range (with receiver at the center of the line): up to 100 m / 328 ft
                • Self Leveling Accuracy (@25°C/77°F): 0.7 mm @10 m / 1/32 in @30 ft
                • Self Leveling Range: +/- 5°
                • Self Leveling Time: < 10 sec
                • Angular Accuracy: 0.2 mm/m
                • Laser Diode Type: 635 mm, Laser Class 2
                • Fan Angle: 120°
                • Protection: IP54
                • Operation Temperature: -10 - +45°C / 14°F - +113°F
                • Storage Temperature: -25 - +70°C / -13°F - +158°F
                • Battery Type: Type D, 2 x 1,5V
                • Average Battery Operation Time (Alkaline / NiMH): 20 hrs (Alkaline) / 16 hrs (Rechargeable)

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                LINO ML90

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